Our History

2005 - Foundation in Geneva

Foster Swiss S.A. started as a small accounting firm for the Swiss and French in Rue de Lausanne, Geneva. He was joined by Manuel García Echevarría with a drastic vision of business expansion.

2008 - We begin our international expansion

The company adopted the name Foster Swiss S.A. and began its international expansion with the addition of George de Lignan as deputy director.

2010 - Years of hard work

In less than a decade, Foster Swiss has positioned itself as one of the most important consulting firms in the Spanish-speaking market, especially in Latin America and Brazil.

2013 - Efficient management model

It uses its own staff in each country, which saves time and improves privacy and efficiency for customers.

2016 - Innovative projects

He has promoted numerous projects of new banks and fintech companies in Europe and Latin America, consolidating the creation of offshore companies in 130 countries.

2019 - Global presence

We currently manage a customer base of 64,000 clients and 5,000 active clients in Europe, Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries.

2021 - Diversified Holding

It owns a holding of more than 80 companies and 250 websites, offering advice on blockchain, banking, tax consulting, payment processing, and more.

2022 - Origins and evolution

Originally an accounting firm in 2005, the current configuration is the result of the merger of directors with careers at Credit Suisse and HSBC, forming a network of independent companies under the same brand and quality standards.

2023 - Funding Round

Launches its first financing round valued at 20 million Swiss francs with the consulting firm Berney Associates to expand its business portfolio.

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