Optimize your global tax burden with Foster Swiss:
Customized solutions for international SMEs

In today’s dynamic business world, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating internationally face a constant challenge to balance their global operations with efficient tax burdens. At Foster Swiss, we understand the complexities of navigating the international tax landscape and are here to provide you with concrete solutions. We offer personalized tax planning services that include the creation of international holding structures designed to reduce your tax burden and optimize your global business operations.

Your partner in global tax transformation

At Foster Swiss, we know that every company has its own needs and unique goals. We take pride in being your strategic partner to transform your global tax strategy. When you choose our tax planning services with international holding structures, you not only benefit from our expertise and deep knowledge but also receive a personalized approach that reflects your goals and values.



How can we help you?

Initial Assessment and Collaboration

Our journey together starts with a deep understanding of your company, its international operations, and your tax objectives. We take the time to listen to you and understand your specific needs. We consider all aspects of your business, from operations to financial projections, to design a tax strategy that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Design of Customized Solutions

Every company is unique, and your tax strategy should reflect that individuality. Our tax planning experts work with you to design customized solutions that fit your situation and goals. Our aim is to help you effectively and legally reduce your tax burden while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

Selection of Optimal Jurisdictions

One of the keys to successful tax planning is selecting the most appropriate jurisdictions for establishing international holding structures. Based on a deep understanding of tax laws and regulations in different jurisdictions, we advise you on the most advantageous options to maximize your benefits and meet your tax obligations.

Comprehensive Implementation
Our highly qualified team takes care of all the details of implementing your tax strategy. From the legal creation of holding structures to asset transfer and necessary documentation, we provide you with a comprehensive and hassle-free service.

Strict Regulatory Compliance
We understand the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance in all relevant jurisdictions. We ensure that all structures and transactions are conducted strictly in accordance with tax laws and regulations, avoiding legal risks and penalties.

Continuous and Adaptive Advisory

The international tax landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving. Our commitment to you does not end with implementation. We provide continuous and adaptive advisory to ensure that your tax strategy remains effective in the future.

Why choose Foster Swiss

We understand that effective tax planning is a crucial piece of the puzzle for global business success. We invite you to explore how our tax planning solutions with international holding structures can transform your tax strategy and enhance your international operations.

Your Vision is Our Focus: At Foster Swiss, we don’t treat our clients as numbers. We understand that behind every company there is a vision, dreams, and goals. We listen carefully to design tax solutions that support your business aspirations.

Experience and Knowledge: With years of experience in international tax consulting, our team of experts has deep knowledge of tax regulations in various jurisdictions. This enables us to provide effective solutions and comply with applicable laws. 

Holistic Approach: We not only focus on tax reduction, but also consider the overall landscape of your company. Our solutions are designed to enhance your operations and overall results. 

Partners in Your Success: At Foster Swiss, we don’t just provide tax planning services. We become partners in your business success, offering continuous advice and support as you grow and evolve.

Personalization at Every Step: From design to implementation and follow-up, we provide personalized service at every stage. Your needs and objectives drive our tax solutions.

*We do NOT provide any kind of Financial Investment Services or financial advice – Foster Swiss S.A. is a banking introduction service; the banks we work with have excellent wealth management departments.

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How can we help you?
Open chat
How can we help you?