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At Foster Swiss, we firmly believe that our greatest asset is our human talent. We are constantly seeking exceptional professionals who want to join our team and contribute their expertise and knowledge to achieve excellence together.

What do we offer?

Flexible Compensation Options

Use up to 30% of your annual pre-tax salary on daily benefits such as restaurant cards, transportation, childcare, education, medical insurance for you and your loved ones, without income tax applied.

Access to Exclusive Discounts

On travel, computer equipment, gyms, and many other services.

Flexible Hours

To balance work and family life.

Flexible Office

You decide where to work from and which days to come to the office.

International and Community Projects

With a significant impact on society.

Challenging Environment

Say goodbye to the feeling of stagnation.

Forums and Interest Group Communities

Connect with colleagues from other locations and teams.

Transparency and Open Communication

Be the first to hear about all the news happening at Foster Swiss.

An Exceptional Work Environment

With very friendly and competent colleagues!

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Open chat
How can we help you?