Discover our services for accessing international bank accounts.

In today’s business and financial world, having access to international bank accounts is essential for the growth and success of companies and individuals.

At Foster Swiss, we pride ourselves on being leaders in introducing clients to banks worldwide, providing access to corporate and personal bank accounts for a wide range of businesses and payment gateways.

We invite you to discover how our services can open new opportunities for your business and personal finances.



Global Banking Connection: Facilitating Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

At Foster Swiss, we are a bridge connecting businesses and individuals with banks around the world. Our global bank introduction services are tailored to your specific needs and objectives:

Customised Assessment: We understand your financial needs and business objectives before we begin. We conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the banking solutions that best suit you or your business.

Advice on Jurisdictions: Based on your profile and objectives, we advise you on the most suitable banking jurisdictions. We consider aspects such as legal requirements, regulations and services offered.

Opening Corporate Accounts: We facilitate the opening of corporate bank accounts in strategic jurisdictions, allowing you to operate and expand your business globally. 

Private Bank Accounts: For individuals, we connect you with banks that offer personal accounts that fit your needs, lifestyle and business needs. 

Payment Gateways and E-Commerce: If you are involved in e-commerce, we help you set up payment gateways and bank accounts that facilitate online transactions for all types of business, including high-risk ones. 

Regulatory Compliance: We ensure that all aspects of account opening comply with local and international regulations, guaranteeing a smooth process. 

The Value of Global Banking

Whether you’re a business looking to expand your international presence or an individual seeking to leverage the benefits of global banking, access to bank accounts in different jurisdictions can make a significant difference. Some key advantages include:

Financial diversification

Bank accounts in multiple jurisdictions allow for effective financial diversification, minimising risks and maximising returns.

Facilitation of global business

For businesses, having bank accounts in different countries streamlines international transactions and improves operational efficiency.

Access to specialized financial services

Different jurisdictions offer specialized financial services that can be beneficial for certain types of businesses and transactions.

Flexibility in payments and transactions

Having access to bank accounts in different currencies and regions facilitates payments and transactions worldwide.

Why choose Foster Swiss

We believe that access to international bank accounts should not be a barrier to growth and success. Our global banking introduction services are designed to be your strategic partner on this journey. Whether you are looking to enhance your international business operations or simply diversify your personal financial options, we are here to help you achieve these goals efficiently and reliably. Let us open doors to new opportunities and simplify the process of accessing global banking.

Proven experience: With a strong track record in global banking introductions, we have built strong relationships with banks around the world.

Personalised Approach: We do not believe in “siloed” solutions. Our services are customised and designed to fit your unique needs and goals.

Knowledge of Jurisdictions: Our in-depth knowledge of banking laws and regulations in different jurisdictions enables us to provide informed and reliable recommendations. 

Access to a Global Network: Our global network of banking partnerships allows us to connect you with banks that best suit your needs and goals. 

Commitment to Compliance: Compliance with regulations is essential. We ensure that every step of the process meets legal and regulatory requirements.

*We do NOT provide any kind of Financial Investment Services or financial advice – Foster Swiss S.A. is a banking introduction service; the banks we work with have excellent wealth management departments.

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