Financial innovation in the digital age: Powering the future with Foster Swiss SA

In an era where digitalization sets the pace, the financial world has undergone significant transformations. Emerging technologies are challenging the status quo and opening up new opportunities, especially in the field of digital payments and neo banking. Foster Swiss SA, a prestigious Swiss-based consultancy, recognizes this transition and seeks to be the catalyst for this change by investing in disruptive projects. 

A golden opportunity for innovative start-ups

Foster Swiss SA presents a unique proposal: to offer co-financing for projects related to digital payment processing and the launch of new banks. This initiative is specifically aimed at already funded start-ups with semi-consolidated projects in the field of banking. The offer is tempting: capital of up to one million francs for companies presenting disruptive proposals that seek to provide solutions to unbanked users on several continents. 

Foster Swiss SA not only invests, but also becomes a strategic partner, adding value to each initiative to ensure its success and sustainability over time. 

Technology partners

Socios tecnológicos

Much more than capital

IT engineering & digital consulting: At Foster Swiss SA, we have a team of IT experts ready to design, develop and implement solutions tailored to each project. 

Payment architecture: Our expertise and capabilities in payment architecture is unmatched. Thanks to strategic agreements with giants such as Visa, Mastercard and Union Pay, we are able to facilitate and optimize transactions, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for end users. 

Payment processing: Our complete network of acquiring banks and agreements with companies such as Oracle, Indra, Visa/Mastercard processors and other relevant players in all areas of payment processing streamline your project to the maximum. 

IBAN/ SWIFT: Contamos con Bancos para cuentas IBAN/ SWIFT. 

Onboarding: We shorten onboarding times in any process related to the launch of a digital finance company. 

Card Issuers: We collaborate with leading card issuers to ensure secure and efficient solutions, providing a superior user experience. 

Collaborating Banks: Our network of collaborating banks offers a robust financial infrastructure, providing efficient and reliable services. 

Agreements with Collaborating Software Companies: We have strategic agreements with software companies such as SAP and Microsoft, incorporating advanced and scalable technological solutions. 

ACH / Settlement Accounts: We provide ACH and settlement account services through a reliable network, ensuring fast and secure transactions. 

Project selection and ongoing support

At Foster Swiss, we don’t just finance projects, we embrace them and are committed to driving them to success, offering comprehensive support, ongoing resources and a long-term commitment. 

Comprehensive project analysis: At Foster Swiss SA, we are dedicated to conducting a thorough analysis of each project submitted. Our team of experts evaluates the feasibility, sustainability and potential impact of each proposal. 

Commitment to success: We do not limit our involvement to mere financing. We embrace each selected project, committing ourselves to drive it to success. We not only provide funding, but also resources, tools and the most valuable thing: the support of our highly qualified staff. 

Integral support: From the moment of selection, we are committed to being an active part of the path towards the realization of the project. We offer advice from the initial conceptualization stage to implementation and beyond. Our goal is to be a strategic partner in every step of the process. 

Resources and ongoing support: Projects supported by Foster Swiss SA not only receive funding. They also gain access to a wide range of resources, tools and expertise through our network and experience in different sectors. We provide ongoing support to maximize the potential of each initiative. 

Long-term commitment: Beyond implementation, we remain committed to the long-term success of each supported project. Our vision focuses on sustainable growth and lasting impact on the respective industry. 

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