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    Incorporation of Companies in Delaware

    In Delaware, there are various legal options for company formation. The most common is the LLC (Limited Liability Company), a simple and highly adaptable structure. Would you like to determine if this option suits your specific requirements?

    The LLC stands out as the most versatile business structure under Delaware corporate law. This type of limited liability company can have a single shareholder, who often serves as the company’s manager. No minimum share capital is required for its initial investment, and there are no restrictions on the type of business activity it can carry out in the country.

    Do you want to find out if forming an LLC is the best choice for establishing your company in Delaware? Our team of advisors is available to analyze your case in detail.

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    Our services for businesses and individuals

    Company registration: Registration of your company with the state and payment of the corresponding fee. EIN application (Employer Identification Number; known in other countries as CIF, RUC, NIT, RIF, etc.). 

    Bank Account and Debit Card: Make transfers to and from anywhere in the world, to personal or business accounts. Receive payments from Stripe or other merchants, with the backing of having your money in the United States.

    Business and Accounting Management: Foster Swiss specializes in simplifying business transactions in Delaware. Our business advisory and accounting services are designed to eliminate difficulties and bureaucratic processes, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

    Tax Services: Ask us for a solution tailored to your needs and with the privacy you require, in order to achieve intelligent and high-level tax planning.

    Legal Agent: We offer our registered agent service, ensuring you receive any notifications promptly and providing the corresponding advice on how to handle them.

    Personalized Consultation: At Foster Swiss, we strive to provide the best customer service and help grow your business. We always respond to all your calls or emails to address any questions you may have regarding your LLC.

    Open your LLC in the United States.
    In just 4 simple steps.

    Open your LLC and your bank account from Spain, without the need to travel and in just 4 simple steps. We will do everything at the best price on the market and with personalised attention in Spanish.

    Case Identification

    We analyze your case to determine the best solution.

    LLC Registration

    We register the company in the state. We take care of all the documents and procedures.

    Opening Bank Accounts

    Once we have the EIN, we proceed to open your bank accounts.


    We accompany you step by step to ensure everything is always in order.

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    The idea of setting up a company in Delaware is extremely attractive, and one of the most prominent options is the creation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Setting up an LLC in Delaware offers numerous benefits for your business, including easy incorporation, protection of personal assets and a simple and flexible structure that can be highly advantageous.

    Advantages of opening a Delaware Bank Account

    You can receive dollars from anywhere in the world

    All you need is your passport

    Shop with your debit card around the world

    Get cash in dollars easily from ATMs

    Your principal is FDIC-insured up to $250,000

    Free of maintenance fees and commissions

    Consultancy specialising in offshore company formation in Delaware

    Get the quality consultancy you always wanted for your company.

    When considering establishing a company in Delaware, Foster Swiss becomes your valuable ally. Our specialized consulting experts are ready to provide the necessary support for the successful establishment of your business in this thriving economic environment. Trust us to guide you towards business success.

    Frequently asked questions about offshore company formation in Delaware

    Forming an offshore company in Delaware is completely legal. If you’re considering reducing your tax burden, this can be an excellent option. However, it is highly recommended to seek advice from professionals who have a deep understanding of current legislation.

    The requirements for establishing a company in Delaware may vary depending on the state and the chosen legal entity. However, in general terms, common requirements include:
    • Selecting the legal structure of the company, with LLC being the most common option due to its flexibility.
    • Appointing a registered agent in Delaware.
    • Registering the company with the relevant state authorities.
    • Obtaining necessary permits to operate the business.
    • Acquiring a tax identification number (EIN).
    • Opening a bank account.
    It’s important to note that costs associated with setting up a company can vary based on the legal structure and state of establishment. If you’re considering establishing a business outside of Spain, Delaware could be a highly beneficial option. At Foster Swiss, we specialize in setting up businesses in various jurisdictions worldwide. We assess your specific situation to determine the most advantageous option for your company.
    The process of business registration in Delaware is subject to the jurisdiction of each state, meaning procedures can vary from one place to another. In fact, some states allow this process to be done online, while others require in-person filing. Feel free to contact us; we would be happy to provide detailed advice on the specific requirements for registering your company in Delaware.

    Yes, it is necessary to have a physical address and a contact person in Delaware. But don’t worry, at Foster Swiss we assist you with these requirements.

    Absolutely! At Foster Swiss, we provide accounting and tax management services for companies in Delaware, backed by years of experience. We not only help you set up your company but also support you with accounting and tax management so you can operate with peace of mind.

    At Foster Swiss, we have extensive experience in forming companies in Delaware. We offer personalized advice to help you start reducing your tax bill as soon as possible. With Foster Swiss, legally paying less taxes is possible. Don’t wait any longer and contact an advisor now!

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