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    Company Formation and Incorporation in the UK

    In the UK, there are several legal options for company formation. The most common is the LTD, a simple and highly adaptable structure. Would you like to determine whether this option suits your specific requirements?

    LTD stands out as the most versatile business structure under UK corporate law. This form of limited liability company may have only one shareholder, who usually plays the role of company director. No minimum share capital required for their initial investment and there are no restrictions on the type of business activity. Do you want to find out if forming an LTD is the best choice for setting up your company in the UK? Our team of advisors is available to discuss your case in detail.

    Get the best support to open your LTD in the UK with our 100% personalised advice.

    Our Services for Companies and Individuals

    Company Register

    Registration of your company with the state and payment of the corresponding tax. EIN application (your company's tax identification number; known in other countries as CIF, RUC, NIT, RIF, etc.).

    Bank Account and Debit Card

    Make transfers to and from anywhere in the world, to personal or company accounts. Receive payments from Stripe or other merchants, with the security of having your money in the US.

    Commercial and Accounting Management

    Foster Swiss specialises in simplifying business transactions in Delaware. Our business advisory and accounting services are designed to eliminate red tape and bureaucratic processes, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

    Tax Services

    Ask us for a tailor-made solution with the privacy you require for smart, high-level taxation.

    Legal Agent

    We offer you our registered agent service, so that you have the peace of mind that you receive any notification immediately and give you the corresponding advice on how to deal with it.

    Personalised Advice

    At Foster Swiss we want to provide the best customer service and grow your business. We are always happy to answer your calls or emails to answer any questions you may have about your LTD.

    Open your LTD in the UK.
    In just 4 simple steps.

    Open your LLC and your bank account from Spain, without the need to travel and in just 4 simple steps. We will do everything at the best price on the market and with personalised attention in Spanish.

    Identification of the case

    We analyse your case to determine the best solution.

    LLC registration

    We register the company with the state. We take care of all documents and formalities. 

    Opening of Bank Accounts

    Once we have your EIN, we proceed to open your bank accounts. 

    We accompany you step by step so that everything is always in order. 

    Schedule a free 30-minute appointment to clarify your doubts.

    The idea of setting up a company in Delaware is extremely attractive, and one of the most prominent options is the creation of a TDD. Setting up an LTD in the UK offers numerous benefits for your business, including easy incorporation, protection of personal assets and a simple and flexible structure that can be highly advantageous. 

    Advantages of opening a Bank Account in England

    You can receive pounds from anywhere in the world: enjoy fast and hassle-free international transfers, receiving pounds directly into your account from any country.

    All you need is your passport: open your bank account in england easily and quickly, just with your passport as identification. 

    Shop with your debit card worldwide:use your debit card anywhere in the world to make purchases securely and conveniently. 

    Get cash in pounds easily from cash machines: access your sterling cash easily from any cash machine in the UK and abroad.

    Your capital protected by the fdic up to $250,000: your money is protected by the fdic up to $250,000, guaranteeing security and peace of mind. 

    No maintenance fees and no commissions: enjoy a bank account with no maintenance charges and no hidden fees, optimising your finances. 

    Business start-up consultancy services in the UK

    OWe operate in more than 138 jurisdictionsto offer our clients a personalised and comprehensive service for the design of their business strategy. Creating a company in Portugal? Setting up an offshore company in Luxembourg?

    Our goal is to achieve the best figures for your business abroad.

    Consultancy specialising in offshore company formation in the UK

    Get the quality consultancy you always wanted for your company.

    When considering setting up a company in England, Foster Swiss is your valuable partner. Our consulting experts We are ready to provide you with the necessary support for the successful establishment of your business in this thriving economic environment. Trust us to guide you to business success. 

    Frequently asked questions about setting up a business in the UK

    The formation of an offshore company in the UK is fully legal. If you are considering the possibility of reducing your tax burden, this can be an excellent alternative. However, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from professionals who have a thorough knowledge of the current legislation. 

    The benefits it can bring are very attractive to large employers:

    • Favourable medical regimen for foreign companies
    • Taxes corporate competitive
    • Double taxation agreements
    • Deducation and exemptions prosecutors

    As is the case in other countries, in order to set up a company in the UK, it is essential to establish the name and type of company, the share capital and the articles of association of the company. 

    The tax regime for foreigners establishing companies in the UK:
    • Income tax
    • Tax treaties
    • Tax benefits
    • Withholding tax
    • Impuesto al valor agregado (IVA)
    Sí, es necesario contar con un domicilio fiscal en Reino Unido para crear una empresa en el país y debe estar ubicado en el cantón donde se registra la empresa donde se realizarán las comunicaciones oficiales.

    Los rasgos principales por los que destaca el país en lo referente a las sociedades offshore son principalmente por: la confidencialidad, la seguridad y la estabilidad económica y política.

    Las principales ventajas del registro mercantil en Reino Unido son la transparencia, la credibilidad o la protección de la denominación fiscal, entre muchas otras.

    The possible types of company that can be created are: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited company, limited liability company, public limited company or branch.

    In order to open a bank account in the UK, you mustprovide proof of identity, proof of residence, a set of bank references and justification of funds. Tools that we will provide you with, as we do in other services and countries, such as the opening a company in Andorra o design the strategy for inaugurating various<strong> companies in Panama

    One way to protect your assets through a company in Switzerland is to establishing a sound legal structure and use the legal and financial tools available in the country. 

    En general, se estima que unas seis semanas, pero siempre dependerá del tipo de empresa.

    Suiza es conocida por su tradición de protección de la privacidad financiera. Las leyes Reino Unido proporcionan un alto nivel de confidencialidad en cuanto a la identidad de los accionistas, directores y beneficiarios de una sociedad offshore.

    , es posible realizar operaciones internacionales a través de una empresa en Reino Unido.

    The legislation in the United Kingdom has adopted a favorable approach towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which has helped establish a clearer and more conducive regulatory environment for companies operating in this sector. 

    The costs associated with the incorporation and maintenance of a company in Switzerland can vary depending on various factors (type of company, the canton in which it is established, the size, or additional services). In some companies, the minimum capital can be as low as 10,000 Swiss francs

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