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    Consultancy services for the creation of offshore companies in the USA

    If you want to open a company in the United States, Foster Swiss offers our specialized consulting services. Whether you want to establish a business in the United States or in any of the over 100 jurisdictions worldwide where Foster Swiss operates, we can assist you. We provide guidance for setting up a company in Estonia, opening a company in Andorra, and many other possibilities.

    We help you through the whole process of setting up and registering your company.

    The United States is a secure and established market that offers attractive tax advantages for new businesses, but it’s essential to understand current regulations and tax legislation. Our experts will guide you through the entire process.

    Discover the benefits of Delaware companies

    About us: Foster Swiss, your partner in setting up companies in Delaware and other tax havens
    Delaware in the USA has one of the most favorable legislations for businesses in the country. There is no sales tax, and business incomes from goods and services provided by Delaware companies operating outside the state are not taxed. Another advantage of Delaware is the absence of value-added tax (VAT). Delaware state facilitates the establishment of companies with a low tax policy and a very fast and efficient business registration system.

    Delaware companies: take advantage of the benefits of this jurisdiction

    Creating an offshore company is legal and an excellent option to optimize your tax bill. In the United States, Delaware has a legal and tax system designed to encourage business creation within its jurisdiction.
    In addition, the streamlined procedures make the process exceptionally fast and straightforward.
    In the United States, there is a wide variety of business structures, so it is advisable to consult with specialized advisors to determine the most appropriate legal form in each case.
    If you need expert assistance for setting up a business in the United States or any other venture, such as investing in cryptocurrencies in the United States, feel free to contact Foster Swiss.

    Creation of LLCs in the United States

    In the United States, there are different legal forms of companies. The most common is the LLC (Limited Liability Company), a simple and highly flexible structure. Do you want to find out if it fits your needs?

    What is a LLC?

    The LLC is the most flexible business structure under US corporate law. It is a limited liability company with a single shareholder, who typically acts as the company’s manager. There is no minimum share capital required and there are no restrictions on the type of business activities it can conduct within the country. Interested in knowing if an LLC is the best option for establishing your business in the United States? Our advisory team will assess your case.

    Comply with U.S. legal obligations and optimise your taxation

    United States is one of the most popular jurisdictions for doing business due to its vast opportunities and legal facilitations. Added to this is its beneficial tax regime, especially in states like Delaware. The federal structure of the country means that regulations vary by state, so it’s important to have expert advice to comply with the legal obligations of each and optimize your tax planning. Do you need help establishing your company in the United States?

    Delaware: Why is it the preferred state for business start-ups?

    Delaware is one of the favorite states for incorporating a company in the United States due to some of its characteristics.

    Look no further! At Foster Swiss, we offer legal and tax advisory services for incorporating companies in Delaware.


    Corporate taxation in the United States varies depending on the state and income level of the company, but Delaware is notable for offering various tax incentives to reduce the tax burden. In addition, Delaware has no sales tax, no corporate income tax and no VAT.


    Delaware allows for great flexibility in corporate structures and management.


    It is not necessary for the name of the company owners to appear in the company register.


    The process of registering a company in Delaware is really simple and streamlined.


    Located on the east coast of the United States, Delaware is uniquely positioned to grow its business in the US market.


    Delaware has earned a global reputation as the ideal place to incorporate companies. Its reputation is based on decades of providing a stable and efficient business environment, which has attracted companies from all over the world.

    Learn about U.S. tax regulations and compliance requirements

    In the United States, each state has its own tax regulations, so it is important to conduct a preliminary study to determine which state is most beneficial for each business. The federal corporate tax rate is 35%, although numerous deductions can reduce it to below 15%. State and local taxes vary between 0 and 16%. Compliance requirements for a company in the United States can also vary by state and type of business, but generally involve registering with the appropriate authorities, obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), paying taxes, filing tax returns, obtaining necessary licenses as required, and complying with labor, commercial, and tax laws. Due to the varying tax regulations across states and the potential variability in compliance requirements, consulting with an expert is important to ensure that the entire process complies with the law.

    Specialised advice on setting up a business in the USA

    At Foster Swiss, we offer specialized guidance for opening your company. We are experts in taxes in the United States and assist you in ensuring that the entire process of establishing your company complies with current regulations, allowing you to start operating smoothly in a short period of time. Don’t wait any longer to benefit from the advantageous tax system in the United States!

    Contamos con expertos en la creación de empresas en Estados Unidos

    Foster Swiss contamos con expertos en la creación de empresas en Estados Unidos y en países de los cinco continentes. Así, podemos ayudarle a crear una sociedad offshore en Luxemburgo y otros muchos países, como Estados Unidos. Nuestros más de veinte años de experiencia nos avalan. Estudiaremos su caso y analizaremos cuál es la opción que mejor se adapta a sus intereses.

    Frequently asked questions about setting up an offshore company in the USA

    Creating an offshore company in the United States is completely legal. If you are considering reducing your tax burden, this can be a good option, but it is advisable to seek assistance from professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the legislation.
    The requirements to open a company in the United States vary depending on the state and type of business entity, although in general, common conditions include:
    • Choosing the legal structure of the company. The LLC is the most common structure due to its flexibility.
    • Having a registered agent in the United States.
    • Registering the company with the appropriate state authorities.
    • Applying for the necessary permits for the business.
    • Obtaining a Tax Identification Number (EIN).
    • Opening a bank account.
    When planning to establish a company in the United States, it’s important to consider the costs of setting up a business, which can vary based on the legal form and the state of establishment. If you are considering setting up an online business outside of Spain, the United States can be an advantageous option. At Foster Swiss, we specialize in implementing businesses in various jurisdictions worldwide. We analyze your case to choose the most favorable option for your business.
    Business registration in the United States is managed by each state, so the process can vary from one state to another. In fact, some states allow the process to be completed online, while in others it may require in-person procedures. Contact us and we will advise you on the requirements for registering your company commercially in the United States.
    The federal nominal corporate tax rate in the United States is 35%, but numerous deductions and tax credits can reduce it to below 15%. Taxes vary by state and company income. Most states do not tax companies formed in another state, making jurisdictions like Delaware ideal for tax-free business nationwide. Dividends in the U.S. are subject to a complex and graduated structure, but most are taxed at 15%. Don’t wait any longer to discover the tax advantages of the United States! Contact us without obligation.
    The startup costs for establishing a company in the United States can vary based on the legal structure and the state of incorporation. Generally, payments will be required for registration, licenses and permits, in addition to necessary taxes. Don’t worry! We assist you throughout the entire process of setting up your company in the United States.
    Opening a business in the United States from Spain is possible. The first step is to decide on the legal form and the state where you want to register the company. Depending on each case, the procedures will vary. Some states facilitate online procedures from anywhere in the world, such as the registration of companies in the commercial register. The registered agent in the United States will be responsible for receiving and managing legal documents and notifications, which facilitates the opening and management of the company from Spain or any other part of the world. Similarly, it is possible to open a bank account online in the United States with some banks, without the need to travel. At Foster Swiss, we help you choose the best option for your business and guide you through all the steps of the process.
    If you are a tax resident in Spain with income from the United States, you must declare such income in both jurisdictions. There is a double taxation agreement between the United States and Spain that allows you to deduct some of the taxes paid in the U.S. from your Spanish tax declaration. On the other hand, tax residents in the United States with income from Spain only need to pay taxes on that income in the United States, provided they meet the requirements set out in the double taxation agreement. It is important to consult with a tax advisor to ensure compliance with tax regulations. At Foster Swiss, we have a comprehensive team of experts in U.S. taxation who will advise you at all times.

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    United States is a country that offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs, but it is essential to conduct a detailed study to determine the most advantageous legal form and location for each case, due to the varying regulations of each state. You’re in luck! We offer a free consultation to set up your offshore company in the United States.
    At Foster Swiss, we can also assist you in setting up an offshore company in Switzerland or creating a company in Gibraltar, as well as in many other countries across five continents. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and a presence in 138 countries, we have become one of the most reputable agencies internationally. With Foster Swiss, achieving tax efficiency legally is possible.
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