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    Offshore Companies in Switzerland: Maximise your Opportunities

    Tax Benefits and Economic Stability in the Heart of Europe

    Switzerland, located in the centre of Europe, is one of the most diplomatic and fiscally stable countries in the world. Many people set up companies in Switzerland to reduce their tax rates. An offshore company in Switzerland refers to a company incorporated in Switzerland to conduct business activities outside the country, taking advantage of benefits such as strategic location, competitive taxation and economic and social stability. Switzerland is recognised worldwide for its low tax rates and solid financial and banking infrastructure.

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    Tax Regime and Taxation in Switzerland

    Low taxes in Switzerland? The answer is a resounding yes. Taxes in Switzerland for foreigners are one of the country’s main attractive factors. You may wonder why, but we’d better show you why in figures: 

    Corporate income tax: Tax rates can range from 12% to 24%. 

    Value added tax (VAT): VAT in Switzerland is levied on the sale of goods and services and stands at 7.7%. 

    Dividend withholding tax: The withholding tax rate may vary, but is generally between 15% and 35%. 

    Personal income tax: Rates vary between cantons, generally ranging from 0.77% to 11.5%. 

    Wealth tax: Applied on net assets, with rates varying from canton to canton, generally between 0.1% and 0.5%. 

    Consultancy services for business start-ups in Switzerland

    We operate in more than 138 jurisdictions to offer our clients a personalised and comprehensive service for the design of their business strategy. Creating a company in Portugal? Starting a offshore company in Luxembourg?

    Our goal is to achieve the best figures for your business abroad. 


    Requirements and procedure for incorporating a company in Switzerland

    Setting up a company in Switzerland differs depending on the country of origin of the foreign person. The rules and requirements are not the same for those coming from the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), compared to those coming from third countries.

    We offer you expert advice on how to set up your company in Switzerland.

    Foster Swiss has been working in the banking sector for more than 20 years.

    From the outset, we have built up a strong team of international advisors through which we accompany our clients to starting a business in Estonia o, for example, Delaware companies.

    If you are thinking of forming a offshore company in SwitzerlandWe are the liaison you need in the country and the most internationally recognised specialist team. 

    Learn how to set up your company in Switzerland and comply with the requirements.

    Desde Foster Swiss we will design in detailThe company’s business strategy, from the beginning to the complete structuring of the company, its business strategy taking into account all the legal aspects that this implies: the costs of setting up a company o el corporate taxation in Switzerland

    Company registration in Switzerland - simplify your incorporation process

    We streamline the whole process incorporation so that you don’t have to worry about company structuring. 

    Frequently asked questions about setting up a company in Switzerland

    At Foster Swiss, we advise you on the formation of your conglomerate, taking care of every detail. And now, we answer some of the common questions when setting up a company in Switzerland. 

    The benefits it can bring are very attractive to large employers:

    • Favourable medical regimen for foreign companies
    • Corporate taxes. competitive
    • Double taxation agreements
    • Double taxation agreements fiscales 

    As is the case in other countries, in order to set up a company in Switzerland, it is essential to determine the name and type of company, the share capital and the articles of association. 

    The tax regime for foreigners establishing companies in Switzerland:

    • Income tax
    • Tax treaties
    • Tax benefits
    • Withholding tax
    • Value added tax (IVA) 

    Yes, it is necessary to have a tax domicile in Switzerland. To set up a company in the country and must be located in the canton where the company is registered where official communications will be made. 

    The main features for which the country stands out in terms of offshore companies are mainly the following: confidentiality, security and economic and political stability. 

    Las MAIN ADVANTAGES of the commercial register in Switzerland are transparency, credibility or the protection of the tax name, among many others. 

    Possible types The types of companies that can be set up are: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited company, limited liability company, public limited company or branch. 

    In order to open a bank account in Switzerland, it is necessary to provide proof of identity, proof of residence, a set of bank references and justification of funds. Tools that we will provide you with, as we do in other services and countries, such as the opening a company in Andorra o design the strategy for inaugurating various companies in Panama

    One way to protect your assets through a company in Switzerland is to establishing a sound legal structure and use the legal and financial tools available in the country. 

    In general, it is estimated that about six weeksbut it will always depend on the type of company. 

    Switzerland is known for its tradition of protecting financial privacy. Swiss law provides a high level of confidentiality. as to the identity of the shareholders, directors and beneficiaries of an offshore company. 

    YesIn Switzerland, it is possible to carry out international transactions through a company in Switzerland. 

    Swiss legislation has adopted a favourable approach to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, This has contributed to a clearer and more enabling regulatory environment for companies operating in this sector. 

    The costs associated with setting up and maintaining a company in Switzerland can vary according to various factors (type of company, the canton in which it is established, size or additional services). For some companies, the minimum capital can be found in the CHF 10,000

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